GHLAN (Game Haven LAN) is our monthly 20 seat LAN hosted at The Game Haven

Our next event is Saturday, August 31st 12pm - 12am.






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New to GHLAN events or need more information?  Scroll past the focus game of the month for our FAQ! 


GHLAN's focus is on fun, PC Gaming, and comradery!  There is a $5 charge for your seat, but every dime is put towards an event raffle.  We have upwards of 20 seats available for each event.

The event runs from 12PM until 12AM and is a bring your own device (BYOD) event. 

Our August focus game is World of Warcraft Classic (We'll be on Mankrik - Horde, but feel free to attend despite faction/server)! Definitely not required to play it, but we'll mostly be focusing on it!








Why is there a $5 charge for a seat?

We want to make sure no one that wants to come is denied a seat.  Historically, if we offered free seats, we'd get a bunch of people that registered and don't show up.  We'll do our best to remind you of the event as it's approaching via email. To be extra certain, it's not a bad idea to follow our facebook page, and sign up for the event mailing list on the home page of this site!  $5 is a reasonable charge, plus, it all goes towards the raffle prizes.

What are the raffle prizes?

It's at our discretion.  More than likely, probably a credit to the Game Haven, but we may instead opt to hand out prizes in the future.  Every dime that goes to the raffle, goes out as a prize.  We're working on obtaining some sponsorship as well, so there may be some additional prizes available in the pool, but no promises!

How does the raffle work?

If you paid to get in, you get a ticket.  Only those that paid get a ticket, and one per person max.  If your ticket is drawn, you win the prize it was drawn for.  100% of all seat fees (minus the paypal tax) will be used for the raffle.  Nobody gets extra tickets.  You buy and use one seat, you get one ticket.  You buy two seats and use one, you get one ticket.  We generally draw around 11PM, but if you/your group has to leave a little earlier, let us know.  We're relatively flexible.

Is the event competitive?

Not really.  That's no fun.  We just want to hang out and game.  Things can certainly get competitive, but only reasonably so.  We'll likely have some sort of competitive event that is not directly PC Gaming most of the time, there may or may not be a prize, if there is a prize, it would not come from the raffle pool.  It would be a sponsored prize.  There can absolutely be trash talking, but it's in jest.  A lot of us have known each other for YEARS. Any serious trash talking will be dealt with accordingly, everyone is welcome.  Serious trash talking has no place at our events.

What's the focus game?

We pick a game each month that we plan to jump in to at around 7PM.  It's not mandatory, just something to get people gaming together.  If you're rocking a game, having fun, and don't want to jump in to the focus game, we get it!  The focus game is generally something fun, cheap, or most people likely already have.  We don't want you buying an expensive game to play once.  We'll call out around 7PM, see whose interested, and get a couple of games rolling.  It'll be semi-managed, we might play against each other, play with each other on public servers, play against each other on public servers.  We might mix teams up if we have a skill imbalance.  The key word is fun!

What if I'm not good at gaming / have never played the focus game?

Good time to learn it!  We don't care.  We expect egos to be checked at the door.  We're there to have fun, and we assume you are too!

What do I bring to GHLAN?

Your rig and one display, yourself, and a surge strip if you have one you like to use (No UPS')!  We provide network cables, although you can use WiFi if you want (but why would you??).

Can I bring my own drinks and snacks?

This is more etiquette than anything, but you really should not.  Our host doesn't directly profit from hosting the event and arguably gives up revenue by letting us take over his game room on a prime day.  The Game Haven sells all sorts of drinks (sugar/carb free as well) including energy drinks, powerade, and soda.  They also have a pretty impressive variety of snacks and they don't cost any more than you'd pay at a gas station.  If there's something you really want and they don't have it, talk to Chris the manager.  He's receptive, and if it's viable, he'll look in to it for future events.

Can I bring my Dinner in?

Yes!  We're not going to prevent anyone from picking up something local to eat and bringing it back.  This is an extended event and food happens.  

Is my equipment safe if I leave?

If you're leaving the event and don't plan to come back prior to close, take your equipment with you.  If you're leaving to get something to eat, the event is reasonably safe.  Our staff has been running LAN events in Ohio together for around a decade.  We've never had an issue.  The organizers will be around and will have a serious issue with anyone messing with someone elses stuff.  Because we are in Dayton, I would advise not leaving anything visible in your vehicle though.

What games do you typically play?

You'll see a little bit of everything.  Not uncommon to see players running PUBG squads, playing CS:GO, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo III, ARK, Battlefields, whatever the latest hot FPS is, bizarre multiplayer games, and the kings of making people sick: Dirt Showdown and Wreckfest!  Ever laugh so hard you almost pass out?  That'll happen if you play Dirt Showdown or Wreckfest with us!  That said, we typically see people playing anything interesting.  We'll jump in to a new beta together if something neat is out.  I wouldn't even be surprised to see multiplayer Stardew Valley!

Are children ok?

This is an adult oriented event.  If you're the guardian and you're with the child at all times, feel free to use your own discretion.  We do not advise children under 13.  Our goal is to keep things clean, but people get excited and things happen.

Do you have a discord?


Do you have a STEAM group?


What's your internets?

It's fasts.  Seriously though as of October 2018 it's 100Mb/10Mb.  It's fast enough to not have to throttle as long as no one is doing anything dumb.  We've ran 80+ people events on less.

What about smoking/vaping/drinking?

You can smoke / vape outside the shop, just please be aware of Game Haven customers and stay a reasonable distance from the door.  You'll see regulars of the Game Haven out there, follow their lead.  As far as alcohol, we assume you're an adult of legal age capable of handling a few drinks at an establishment that serves alcohol if you're asking this question.  Our events are not a place for any manner of inebriated individuals.  There is certainly to be no public drinking inside of, or around the Game Haven at anytime.  You will be asked to leave immediately in manner safe to patrons of The Game Haven and yourself should there be an issue.

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