The Game Haven is your local resource for everything involving the gaming hobby.  We have hundreds of games and life style collectibles in stock.  We've been in business over a decade and want the chance to earn you as a customer!

Our friendly staff are experts in multiple facets of the gaming hobby.  We're known for servicing the serious gamer, but whether you're new to the scene or a serious hobbyist, we're there to serve you!  Looking for a specific game?  Need a recommendation for a game for your game night with friends?  Want to get in to the hobby but don't know where to start? Need a gift for a gamer? Stop in!  We'll be happy to help!

Some other reasons to check us out? 

  • Magic: The Gathering - Not only do we run official Magic events such as Friday Night Magic and pre-release events, we also buy, sell, and trade cards across the entire spectrum of MTG's history.  Looking for a specific card across any era of magic?  Have a deck in mind for the latest release and just want to buy specific cards? Give us a shout!   Want to play some pickup games or simply discuss magic?  The Game Haven is the place for you!  Check out our calendar for the latest official and unofficial events we're hosting!

  • WARHAMMER - We stock a ton of WARHAMMER supplies for you to tweak your armies.

  • Star Wars - All sorts! Star Wars: Imperial Assault base game and expansions, Star Wars: X-Wing 2nd edition base game and add-ons,  Star Wars: Legion core game and addons.  We have them!  Core sets, character/ship addons, expansions.  Our Star Wars gaming collection is massive!

  • Pen and Paper - All sorts!  D&D, Pathfinder, and more!  Whether you're looking for a starter set or specific books, we have hundreds of books and accessories in inventory.

  • Hobbyist supplies - We stock all sorts of hobbyist supplies such as Citadel paints, hobbyist accessories, and more!

  • Game Demos - Want to learn a new game?  Check our calendar! We run game demos which give you the chance to check out the mechanics of a game prior to picking it up.

  • Official and Unofficial events and tournaments - Looking for a pen and paper group to play with?  Want to play magic competitively?  Need somewhere to play X-Wing second edition?  Check out our calendar for store and customer run events, we're the perfect place to get your game on!

  • Console games - We have a huge selection of used console games, consoles, and accessories.  You'll find a huge variety of NES, SNES, Wii, Wii U, DS, 3DS, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PS2/PS3/PS4 games. It's not uncommon to find a rarity to add to your collection at The Game Haven!

  • PC Gaming - We're already host to the monthly GHLan (typically last saturday of every month) event, focused on fun and comradery for up to 20 PC Gamers.  Accessories? Soon!  We're currently evaluating our market, but have plans to stock a variety of high end gaming peripherals.

  • Need sustenance to keep you at your sharpest?  We got you.  We stock a variety of snacks and a bunch of drinks including in both sugared and zero calorie options.  Some of the options we stock include Bawls, Monster, Powerade, sodas and more!  Need a little more?  We have a variety of quality food options as close as next door!


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